Mission Statement

“In St Mary’s Catholic School, we are working to form a ‘Partnership in Education’ between this school, our homes and parish based on the teaching of Christ for the benefit of all our children and those who are associated with the school.”

St Mary’s School caters for the religious and educational needs of Catholic children age 4-11 years. The school has a large catchment area, including Canton, Riverside, Pontcanna, Leckwith, Victoria Park and part of Llandaff. The present number of pupils on roll is approximately 220.The staff, both teaching and non teaching, work together as a dedicated team and the school’s present development is the latest stage in the growth of an educational establishment with a rich spiritual and academic heritage.

In recent years, the background of the school community has widened from the school’s origins which served the needs of the immediate local Catholic population. A strength of the school is the rich cultural, national and varying linguistic background of the children and their parents. Presently, we have Catholic children on roll with origins from six continents who between them speak at least ten different languages – a truly ‘universal’ Catholic community.In line with our Mission Statement, parents play a full and active part in the life of the school and are very supportive of all its activities. There is an extremely strong and well supported Parents Association, which provides a wide range of social events and fund raising activities to support the school. St Mary’s Playgroup moved onto the school site in 2003 and continues to flourish.

The school has strong links with our parish community. Many parishioners are able to give some voluntary time (subject to appropriate clearance) to work alongside staff in support of the children. Volunteers are always welcome! In partnership with our Parish Catechists, a joint sacramental First Communion Programme is shared between the school where teaching staff, our parish priests and the parish catechists work closely together in preparing the children for First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.Why not visit the school website on: