Children from year 3 (age 7-8) and above are eligible to receive preparation for the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation. Parents are asked to attend a number of meeting to help their children on how to prepare for Reconciliation and Holy communion. Also the school will help all First Communion Children on the way to celebrate these sacraments. These sessions for children will take place after school hours. All children whether attending St. Mary’s or other schools in the area must attend. The same applies to Holy family Parish.

Parents should contact Fr John Maguire or Fr Andy Bord in order to register the child for Communion Preparations. Contact either priests on

Tel. No (029)20230492

Meeting are scheduled for St. Mary’s Parish on Tuesday 16th September at 7pm in St. Mary’s School. Holy Family Parish on Wednesday 17th September at 6.30 in Holy Family Church.